June 28, 2024

Enhancing Care with Engagement Plans

Category: Memory Care

Author: Mary Stoinski, Interim Memory Care Director

An Engagement Plan captures significant details, events, and memories from a person’s life in a personalized narrative. It helps caregivers, family members, and healthcare professionals understand and connect with an individual on a deeper level. By creating an Engagement Plan, we improve the quality of care, making it more person-centered. Personal information enhances communication, providing comfort and a sense of identity for individuals with dementia.

At The Boulevard Senior Living of St. Peters, we gather this information as soon as possible, before a resident moves into our Memory Care Neighborhood. As dementia progresses, it often becomes more difficult for residents to communicate their wants, needs, and wishes. These plans help us meet their desires throughout their dementia journey.

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An Engagement Plan is a tool we use to partner in care with our residents in a truly person-centered way, with families playing a vital role in creating it. When a resident moves into our memory care, we prioritize discovering as much about them as possible to engage them in the best and most respectful way. The plan is filled with extremely valuable details about everyone.

Honoring Personal Histories for Enhanced Dementia Support

Elderly woman stirring batter in a red mixing bowl while sitting at a table in a kitchen area at The Boulevard Saint Peters Senior Living.

The Engagement Plan is crucial to the well-being of individuals with dementia. As dementia progresses, individuals may no longer be able to communicate their likes, dislikes, or feelings of discomfort or distress, which can lead to challenging behaviors. By knowing important details about the individual and creating a dementia-aware and person-centered environment, we can avoid potential negative responses or behaviors.

Begin preparing for the future by honoring your loved one’s history. Capture the stories they used to tell and the memories they have shared in the past. Make a note of their favorite foods and drinks, preferred wake and sleep times, and hobbies. Start establishing a daily routine and structure for your loved one, including mealtimes, hydration, hygiene and restroom times, exercise, and opportunities to be purposeful and helpful. This preparation will help ensure a smoother transition and more personalized care for your loved one.

Start now to prepare for your future and/or the future of your loved ones. Provide detailed information about your background, history, likes, and dislikes. Include what makes you happy, sad, and fearful. Mention any special things that bring you joy and comfort. These Engagement Plans improve caregiving, aid in emotional comfort, and facilitate communication. They also enable those around you to honor your life and ensure you receive personalized and compassionate care. You can find free templates online at legacyproject.org and crisisprevention.com.

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