April 19, 2024

Dispelling Senior Living Myths

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Author: Mindy Kemp, Executive Director

Arrow Senior Living is known for doing things a little differently and challenging the status quo within the industry. It’s just who we are! Even with all the technological conveniences of today such as social media and websites, it is still common to meet individuals with a skewed perception of what senior living looks like. In this blog, I want to share my senior living journey, why I remain committed to the industry, the biggest myth I believe exists, and how to help others overcome the myths surrounding our beautiful Boulevard Senior Living – St. Peters community and services.

Having worked in various healthcare roles for 15 years, I’ve always found fulfillment in serving older adults. My experience caring for my grandmother during her hospice period solidified my passion for providing security and comfort to elders. When a friend mentioned a position at my first senior living community, I saw it as an opportunity for a fulfilling change from the hospital environment, and I eagerly applied. The blend of challenge and reward in this role perfectly aligns with what I was seeking in my career.

The relationships I’ve formed with residents and the gratitude they express toward the staff are what drive me to return to our community every day. Recently, during our resident Town Hall meeting, we addressed some challenges our community was facing, and the session lasted nearly two hours. The following day, I found a heartfelt letter of appreciation from the residents in my mailbox, acknowledging and thanking me for my efforts. The camaraderie and laughter shared with my team help alleviate the stress on tougher days.

Breaking Stereotypes:

Redefining Senior Living Through Personalized Tours and Tailored Solutions

One of the most pervasive myths surrounding senior living is the persistent “nursing home” stigma. Many prospective residents have had experiences with or visited skilled rehab or nursing facilities and assume that all senior living communities resemble them—clinical, impersonal, and with a distinct smell. These perceptions often include images of individuals confined to wheelchairs along hallways, with limited activities beyond bingo. However, I take pride in showcasing the vibrant reality of our senior living community. By providing comprehensive tours, we highlight the richness of our events, the inviting spaces they occupy, and the active engagement of our residents throughout the community. Many visitors leave pleasantly surprised by what they discover.

To combat these myths, we prioritize understanding the individual wants and needs of each prospective resident. During tours, we connect them with various staff and department heads to address their questions and concerns, offering tailored solutions and fostering a sense of reassurance about life in our community.

Senior resident enjoying a Candle Light Dinner, playfully holding a red rose in his mouth with a joyful expression.

I hope you found this helpful, and I encourage you to share it with others because here at Arrow, we are committed to reshaping the perception of senior living! Search #whatseniorlivinglookslike, and you will find so many great things that happen in our community every single day.

The Boulevard Senior Living of St. Peters in St. Peters, MO offers independent senior apartments, assisted living, and memory care with a variety of services and a range of floor plan options. Amenities include restaurant dining, 24-hour bistro, concierge service, housekeeping, events and entertainment, personal care, transportation services, and more. Centrally located near SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital St. Charles with convenient access to major shopping centers and attractions, including Old Hickory Golf Club, Mid Rivers Mall, Katy Trail, Historic Downtown St. Charles, Streets of St. Charles, Marcus St. Charles Cinema, and Ameristar Casino.

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